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I grew up on Hip-Hop and I’ll always be a B-Boy. This Mix is my take on Electronic Hip-Hop beats of the future. Lot’s of BASS, Big Synths, Seductive Melodies, and overall good music.
Most of these songs would be hard to categorize in a Genre, But that doesn’t matter, if it’s good it’s good. As always, share the music if you love it!

1. Tim Ismag – X-Men

2. Saint NoWhere – Dying Alone

3. AraabMuzik – Underground Stream

4. Katy B – Witches Brew (Diplo Remix)

5. David Heartbreak – Cloud 9

6. Minnesota – Breathe

7. Knight Riderz – So High

8. Lorn – FFF

9. The Weekend – Same Old Song (Paper Diamond Remix)

10. Minnesota – Purple Daze

11. An-Ten-Nae – Any Way

12. Jantsen/Dave Seied – Original Nuttah Remix

13. Chiddy Bang – Ray Charles (Jackwob Remix)

14. Nit Grit – Babylon (Minnesota Remix)

15. David Starfire – Shapeshifter

16. Kill The Noise – Deal With It (KOAN Sound Remix)

17. Wick-it The Instigator – Gleemonex

18. RSK – Drop It Feat. Iggy Azalea

19. Bassnectar – Upside Down

20. Tantrum Desire – Reach

21. Zeds Dead – Undah Yuh Skirt Feat. Mavado

22. Figure Feat. Whiskey Pete – Cut Throat

23. Sea Shock – Spearmint

24. Beats Antique – Dope Crunk

25. Minnesota – Hold Up

26. Munchi – Learn

27. Lunice – The Name Dunnit Feat. Troy Dunnit

28. Plastic Little – More Toungue Less Teeth Feat. MF Doom (Nosaj Thing Remix)

29. Ghostface Killah – Mighty Healthy (4di Remix)

30. Notorious B.I.G. – Suicidal Thoughts (Lorn Remix)

31. Griz – I’m Home

32. The Glitch Mob – Fortune Days (Vadim Remix)

33. Buraka Som Sistema – Hangover (BaBaBa) (Caspa Remix)

34. Lorn – Jammerloop

35. Lorn – Jammer Remix Instrumental

36. Sugarpill – Bomp

37. Dubvirus – Music

38. Minnesota – Living Together

39. Knight Riderz – For Real

40. DeathStar – Funk Soul


Oldie but goodie Just in time for the big game.



FEAT: Nate Metro, Jon Kwest, Soundfreq, Lowpass & Gravytron
Big Ups to the Soundfreq homies kickin up some Dust in Arizonaton. The Homies Nate Metro, Steve Konkel have a nice Beatport release for ya’ll. Make sure you swoop it up today!
Beatport Link:
SM0040 Soundfreq MOOMBAHTON SESSIONS Volume 1 by Soundfreq Music


Big Ups to Generation Bass for always being at the front lines of pushing this Moombahton Movement. Today in conjunction with MixMag Magazine Generation Bass release a 2 Disc set of all the New Wave of Moombahton Producers putting in work now. It’s an All Star cast on this comp, and a grip of my homies I Make music with, Play with, And support. Big ups to all the artists, writers and people envolved!
Words From Vamos Promo/MixMag Magazine:
Seems like moombahton doesn’t sleep. Even after a hectic year of top-drawer releases and rapid development, Generation Bass still found time to lay down a marker for 2012 and show that this new tropical genre isn’t going anywhere any time soon. From Paul David’s big-room take on the sound to the deep Latin vibes of Modabot, these 35 tracks show off a scene at its most fertile. Dalé moombahton!
Generation Bass Presents:: New Wave of Moombahton Vol. 1 Mix by Vicious Viv Generation Bass Presents:: New Wave of Moombahton Vol. 1 by ViciouzViv
1.. Dskotek – Ride of Valkyrie (Noms Remix)
2.. Paul David – Red Light
3.. SLVRSNKRS – Moombacid Bounce
4.. Cabo Blanco – La Fiesta
5.. 2Deep – Carnaval Trix
6.. Kid Cedek – 20: T.W.E.L.V.E.
7.. Shelco Garcia – Party hopin Feat. Teen Wolf
8.. Carrier/J-Trick – Turnip The Base
9.. gLAdiator – Brand New
10.. Afrojack vs Ronaissance Replica (Ronaissance Moombahton Remix)
11.. BIGMAKK – Heads High
12.. CoreyCorey Haim – Ku Chi Ta Chi
13.. Arehouse – Besame Ahora O Nunca
14.. Mango Troops – Luna & Soul
15.. ZSonic -93 Avenue Roi Baudouin
16.. Chong X – Dobry Den
17.. Hoodwink – Hoodwink Theme
18.. Heisenberg – Powder Glory
1.. Prodjé – She’s a Hoot
2.. OktoRed & Warlord – Got It
3.. Somejerk – Busy Riddim
4.. STLKRFXXX – Like This
5.. babySTEPS – I Can’t Stand The Rain
6.. Freaky Philip – Coño
7.. Cabo Blanco – Latinas Rule
8.. Paul David – Stylin
9.. Puga – Break
10.. Jabo – Zamoh.
11.. Frandomeda vs Mango Troops – Andromeda
12.. MJ Cole_Southern Electric (banginclude moombah remix)
13.. Modabot – Fabulosa
14.. AntonKemmeren – Zorros Fighting Legion
15.. Kick Around Sounds – Waltz Me
16.. ZSonic ft. Hatsune Miku – J-Polkaton
17.. La Muerta – Amores De La Ghetto (Silenton refixx)

I’ve been using this Image to tag my MP3′s and Release images. I’ve decided to bring the image to life.  This is a limited run of Moombahton t-shirts available while supplies last from Thrift Riot. The package includes free Pickster Mix cd’s and stickers. I’ll ship the shirts to all of the US and most of Europe.




(AZ Gunslingaz L-R DJ Melo, Mendez, Pickster, Sluggo)

I’ve been lucky enough to be selected for this super dope Moombahton compilation put together by the homie Billy The Gent from Washington, DC. The comp is Called “Through The Wire” and is basically a whole Record made completly through the Internet. I’ll let Billy explain the concept in his own words but do your self a favor and Grab this comp!


Billy The Gent & Pickster – Bring The Bass Back by PicksterOne

More words on the comp from Billy The Gent:
This compilation all began when I started working on a song with DJ Klever (bonus track). We made an entire track over the internet and It got me thinking about how the web brings so many people together with tons of collaborations that would otherwise never be possible. So I ran with that idea and put together an entire compilation of songs made exclusively over the internet. I contacted some of my favorite moombahton producers/bros and literally drew names out of a hat to match up collaborators. The only rules were everyone had one month to complete their song (we all kinda broke this rule) and that you could not meet in person to work on it. When I got all the tracks back, I contacted my friend and fellow Audio Ammo crew member Brian Woodland to design the artwork. Im super happy with the outcome of this, and hopefully you all enjoy!!

-Billy The Gent


Stoked to have a tune on Rot10 Muzik. This label is killing it with the Moombahton Releases. Big ups to the Eastcoast FAM, and the Europe FAM on this EP.

JSK aka Germany’s moombahton savior brings us his brand new EP “Adventures”. The Indiana Jones of moombahton takes you on ride with his 8 total track ep feature collabs with Canada’s Goffee and remixes from hit makers like Mad Major Melvin,  Pickster & Boyfriend. JSK executes a perfect example of next level moombahton so check it out for yourself and grab a free track too.


JSK – Extramental (Pickster Remix) [On Rot10 Muzik] by PicksterOne

JSK – Adventures EP by Rot10 Musik

1. JSK – Adventures
2. JSK – Adventures (Boyfriend Remix)
3. JSK – Extramental
4. JSK – Extramental (Pickster Remix)
5. JSK – Extramental (Mad Major Melvin Remix)
6. Gooffee vs JSK – Welcome To Sarajevo (JSK Version)
7. Gooffee vs JSK – Welcome To Sarajevo (Gooffee Version)
8. JSK feat. Rum Boys – Droppin (Moombahton Edit)


Pickster – They Playin My Shit (Moombahton Mix 2011) by PicksterOne


All moombahtonistas are doing it. However, there are a select few who are always doing it right. On his latest mix “They Playin’ My Shit,” Arizona Gunslinger Pickster One fires shots at the genre’s most likely crossover future. Hip hop has always had an easygoing relationship with house music. Therefore, it stands to reason that some of the genre’s most dance floor ready and propulsive sounds involve rap going strong at 108 BPM. Diplo assisted Wale and Big Sean smashing the game open for the mainstream, and now Pickster charges through, a groundbreaking barbarian at the gate.

The Inspiration for this Moombahton mix is Hip-Hop. Classics & Nu-Skool. I feel like Moombahton is gonna help Bridge the gap for EDM and Club/Dance Hip-Hop. With new artists like “Wale & Big Sean” already working with Diplo on Moombahton tunes (Slight Work), Add to that the surplus of Hip-Hop infused Moombahton Remixes coming out, And I feel we could very easily see some Moombahton tunes in the Hip-Hop clubs & Top 40 Charts in the near future, weather you like it or not. The Mix name comes from years of Hip-Hop club DJ’ing. I can’t count how many times I saw somebody in the club Raise their glass to the sky and say “Ahhhh They Playin My Shit”. So here is my Hip-Hop Infused Moombahton Mix. Enjoy!

1. TeenWolf & Shelco Garcia – Tommy Matola
2. Jack Beats – Shutterbug (LeDoom Remix)
3. E-40 – Tell Me When To Go (Dirt Monkey Remix)
4. ETC!ETC! & Dust One – OOCHIE
5. Swizz Beatz – Everyday Coolin (Codes Remix)
6. Wale – Slight Work ft. Big Sean (Diplo Mix)
7. Kreayshawn – Gucci Gucci (Long Jawns x Bobby la Beat Remix)
8. Big Sean – Ass (D!rty Audio Moombahton Remix)
9. Kanye West – Get Em High (gLAdiator Remix)
10. Busta Rhymes – Wild 4 Da Night (Cam Jus Remix)
11. Where You Are (Emynd Moombahton Remix)
12. Teenwolf & Shelco Garcia – Fatmanbass
13. Alvaro Feat. Lil Jon – Fucking Ghetto
14. Far East Movement – So What (Pickster Moombahton Remix)
15. Cataracs – Club Love Remix Feat. E-40 (Pickster Edit)
16. J.Cole – Work Out (Pickster Moombahton Remix)
17. Dr. Dre – Kush (Lieders Of The New School Remix)
18. Jay-Z & Kanye West – Otis (Market Price Remix)
19. Fat Joe – Lean Back (Booty Shakerz Edit)
20. DMX – Party Up In Here (Rico Tubbs Moombahcore Remix)
21. The Squatters – Monster (gLAdiator Moombahton Edit)
22. ETC!ETC! & Kid Cedek – Dem Boyz
23. Lil Wayne – 6 Foot 7 Foot (J-Trick Moombahton Edit)
24. T-Pain – Bootywork (Sazon Booya Edit)
25. Waka Flocka Flame – Grove St. Party (Skinny Friedman Remix)
26. A-Mac – Lemme See Ya Pop
27. Juicy J – Who Da Neighbors (Skinny Friedman Remix)
28. R3jectz – Cat Daddy Autonomy (Audio1.R3jects.Zedd.Lucky Date Mix)
29. Ying Yang Twins – Wait (The Whisper Song) (JWLS ‘DTF’ Remix)
30. Riot Earp – Recoil



At a most crucial period in moombahton’s global expansion, Phoenix, Arizona’s Pickster One curates The Rise of Moombahton, a compilation spotlighting the top sounds in the growing vastness of progressive mid-tempo global bass. The seasonal moombahton compilations started in July 2010 as Munchi gathered 24 of the finest tracks in the genre from 22 separate producers in order to prove, as the now instant legend producer stated, “(that) moombahton is here to stay!”

Fast forward 14 months, and the importance of the seasonal compilations has increased. Dance pop superstar Skrillex has the inventor, Dave Nada and his collaborator Matt Nordstrom on tour as openers for his Mothership Tour, with a separate fall and winter tour planned for Nadastrom’s own Scion A/V and forthcoming Mad Decent releases. Names that dominated the July 2010 release like Heartbreak, Munchi, DJ Sabo, Pickster One and DJ Melo are starting to tour, in some cases internationally, now maintaining a busy schedule between touring and now constantly churning out new material. Moombahton has grown from an accident into potentially the next major windfall for not just American, but international dance.

Global powerhouse dance journal Mixmag has taken notice of the American upstart with immense global potential, and now presents The Rise of Moombahton (Fall 2011 compilation). For neophyte fans of the genre only aware of Mad Decent’s Blow Your Head: Volume 2 compilation, this is the perfect next level. “Introducing” producers who have been down from  day one, the sounds here include all of moombahton’s many variations, brilliantly produced by top tier professionals.

It’s not a crazy idea to presume that within the next six or nine months that more established mainstream dance producers will adopt the sound and attempt to mimic it’s inherent revolutionary sensibilities. By moombahton’s next winter, the heat could be so hot in the genre that it feels like a completely different season and radically different time.

Pickster presents The Rise Of Moombahton Compilation by El Cuco Recordings

1. DJ Melo & Steve Starks – Un Gran Circo
2. Sluggo & Pickster – Vida Loco
3. Apt One – Yin Yang
4. Jon Kwest – The One
5. Shelco Garcia & TeenWolf – Disco Rides
6. UFO! – Reptillian Sex Parade
7. Alliance – Mi Gente (Mendez Remix)
8. SoundFreq – New Sound Feat. Saith
9. Bro Safari – K-Hole
10. Jack Beats – Shutterbug (LeDoom Remix)
11. ETC!ETC! – Rakata! Feat. Lorna
12. Skinny Friedman – Not Miami
13. Dface – Bearcrawl
14. Kid Cedek – Esperanza
15. Drake – Marvins Room (Obeyah Remix)
16. Chong X – You
17. Jay Fay – Jungle
18. Jamrock & Jake Twell – Neck Tie
19. Javier Estrada – For A Few Dollars More

Artwork credit: Josh Rhodes (Phoenix, AZ)
Download the compilation –


Over the weekend I had the opportunity to play “Shake That Ass” with NastyNasty, Mr.Rodgers, and Melotronix at Club 910 in Tempe, AZ. I was asked to play a Bass Heavy set. This happens to be my favorite type of set to play at the moment. I start off with some Glitch and Drumstep, work into some DNB, then make my way into Dubstep, Then finish off with some Moombahton. I got a good recording of my set so I felt like I should share so all my peeps can enjoy if they missed it. The Dance Floor was packed and the Energy was there..   Hope you Enjoy!


Pickster One – Live at “Shake That Ass” 2011
Pickster One – Live at “Shake That Ass” 3-5-2011 by PicksterOne

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