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9 Months ago I Collabed with DJ Melo on our second tune “I Can Make You Dance” for the Moombahton Massive III SXSW compilation. as a by standard I went with Melo to the Massive in Austin, TX and watched him, Dave Nada, Sabo, Dillon Francis, A-mac, Orion, Toy Selectah, and a handful of others change my life in 1 single night. We have all come along way since then. Since it’s the New Year and there is so much stuff to look foward to in 2012. I’m gonna say thanks for a great 2011. To everybody that supported me on my journey this past year. I was able to make and get out about 40 songs with the help of my Brothers DJ Melo, Riot Earp, Frank Mendez, and all the Arizonaton peeps. Along with support from Dave Nada, Sabo, David Heartbreak, Munchi, Jon Kwest and all my Moombah Fam.  And support from all the Writters, Bloggers, and people who have played or pushed my tunes, or showed a friend that didn’t know what I was about. I Appreciate all of you. I’ve made alot of new friends this year in this scene, and i’m really looking foward to what 2012 is gonna bring us. I’ve compiled a 2011 Pickster Discography list so you can see if you missed any tunes that I made or put out in 2011.  Most of these songs on the list are available for FREE DOWNLOAD on my sound cloud here:
Once again Thanks for all the Support! 2012 is gonna be insane.
I tip my hat to all of you.
Pickster’s 2011 Production List:
2011 – Elementz Of Noise – Hit The Deck (Pickster & Jon Kwest Remix)
2011 – Pickster & Riot Earp – She’s Just
2011 – Riton – Dark Place (Pickster Edit)
2011 – Pickster – Cool Breezy Moombahton Mix 2011
2011 – Billy The Gent & Pickster – Bring The Bass Back (Through The Wire) MAD DECENT
2011 – Pickster – They Playin My Shit (Moombahton Mix)
2011 – J.Cole – Work Out (Pickster Moombahton Remix)
2011 – Far East Movement – So What (Pickster Moombahton Remix)
2011 – Pickster Presents The Rise Of Moombahton “Today We Were Kings” Compilation
2011 – Sluggo & Pickster – Vida Loca
2011 – Jon Cutler – You Groove Me (Pickster Remix Feat. Leah Joy) Moombahton Massive VI
2011 – The Pointer Sisters – Automatic (Drunkmaster Flex & Pickster One Moombahton Remix)
2011 – NFL Horns (DJ R.L.) Pickster Moombahton Edit
2011 – Heater (Pickster & Melo) DJ Melo – Star Time EP
2011 – Saturday’s – (De La Soul) Pickster & Melo Remix
2011 – Find A Way (A Tribe Called Quest) Pickster Remix – Moombah Marauders
2011 – You Make Me Smile (Aloe Blacc) Pickster Remix – Moombahsoul Vol 3
2011 – Mami Mueve – (Munchi’s Verano De Moombahton)
2011 – Blaze Up (Heartbreak & Toddla T) Mendez & Pickster VIP Remix
2011 – Clap Your Hands (Melo, Pickster, Sabo) Moombahton Massive V – Sol Selectas
2011 – Mambo Mambo (Pickster & Riot Earp) Spring Of Moombahton
2011 – Pickster Presents “AZ Gunslingaz” feat Pickster, Melo, Riot Earp, Mendez, & Sluggo
2011 – El Bumper (Pickster & melo) AZ Gunslingaz – El Cuco Recordings
2011 – Put Down De Gun (AZ Gunslingaz) El Cuco Recordings
2011 – Novacane (Frank Ocean) Pickster Remix
2011 – Act Right (The Insects) Pickster Remix
2011 – Don’t Go – Nate Metro Ft Avonlea (Pickster Remix) Dust Mask
2011 – Blunt Club (Feat. ILL Al The Anglo)
2011 – Around (Pickster & Riot Earp) Moombahsoul Vol 1
2011 – Stay Together (Moombahsoul Vol 1)
2011 – Dem Bow Is The New Amen (Pickster Remix)
2011 – Fat Booty (Pickster & Melo) Arizonaton
2011 – Keep The Dice Rolling (Arizonaton)
2011 – Waistline (Arizonaton)
2011 – Going Out To The Hard Core (Pickster & Melo) Arizonaton
2011 – Sweaty Sax (Dry River Yacht Club) Pickster & Melo Remix – Arizonaton
2011 – I Can Make You Dance (Pickster & Melo) Moombahton Massive III SXSW Comp

I’ve been using this Image to tag my MP3′s and Release images. I’ve decided to bring the image to life.  This is a limited run of Moombahton t-shirts available while supplies last from Thrift Riot. The package includes free Pickster Mix cd’s and stickers. I’ll ship the shirts to all of the US and most of Europe.




(AZ Gunslingaz L-R DJ Melo, Mendez, Pickster, Sluggo)

I was recently Featured on Jon Kwest’s new Moombahton Compilation. The theme of the project is taking old UK Hardcore tunes from the early 90′s and twisting them into a Moombahton Tune. Lot’s of really dope songs on this comp including a few tunes from Arizonaton producers DJ Melo, Nate Metro and Steve Konkel.


My tune was a Remix of Nate Metro & Avonlea’s re-make of the Awsome 3′s classic “Don’t Go”

The Awsome 3 – Don’t Go – Nate Metro Ft Avonlea (Pickster Moombahton Remix)
The Awsome 3 – Don’t Go Nate Metro Feat. Avonlea (Pickster Remix) by PicksterOne

Rocking Down The House – DJ Melo
DJ Melo – Rocking Down The House by azdjmelo

More from Jon Kwest himself:
I was around to hear these originals when they dropped, some of which even made the radio in Baltimore. I had an older sister who listened to house music and I recognized, even then, that most of the songs were just two existing popular house/techno records sped up with a Simon Harris break over it and i loved it! Not to say I didn’t love the original tunes, but something about just snatching something and making it new always appealed to me.

There are a lot of parallels between UK Hardcore and Moombahton. Then they sped it up, now we slow it down. Some people hated it when they first heard it, then grew to love it. It was, and still is, all about a good nasty time!

I can’t tell you how proud I am of this project. Despite their busy schedules, everyone really came through and showed their ass!

The Awsome 3 – Don’t Go …………… Nate Metro Ft Avonlea (Pickster One Rmx)
Bass Boy – Let The Bass Be Louder ………………….. Steve Konkel & Nate Metro
Skin Up – Juicy Red Apple …………………………………………………….. Jon Kwest
2 Bad Mice – Bomb Scare (Ckrono Rmx) ………………………………………. Ckrono
Rocking Down The House ………………………………………………………… DJ Melo
The House Crew – Keep The Fire Burning ………………………………….. Jon Kwest
2 Bad Mice/Flippa Mafia/Cham – Bomb Scare (Smutlee Rmx) …………… Smutlee
Cosmo & Dibs – Star Eyes ………………………………………………………….. Tactic
Acen – Close Your Eyes (Optikonfusion) …………………………………… Jon Kwest
Circa ’91 – Can You Feel Me (Sonido R&N Ghettocore Rmx) … Rampage y Nader


Friday October 8th, 2010
Yucca Tap Room – 29 W. Southern Ave, Tempe, AZ
9pm-2am – 21+
Come celebrate the release of Pickster One’s new Mix CD, “Pickster From Phoenix”
that he will be selling on his next Europe tour in November.

Show up and get a FREE copy of the Mix CD to take home with you!
Here is a Pickster One Live Moombahton Mix to Hold you over till the release party…
Pickster One Live at “The Scenario” PHX, AZ – Moombahton Mix by PicksterOne

Music that night will be supplied by AZ OG’s:

Pickster One

(Crusher Sound System, Blunt Club, UM, Furious Styles)


Tricky T


DJ Element

(Furious Styles, Blunt Club, Armory Massive)


DJ Melo

(Muzik Junkies)


Skip Skoolnik



( – Burning Bridges)



(Downtime – The Scenario)


Live Performance by:

The Insects

(Brad B, Foundation, Dumperfoo)


Live Art By:


(Blunt Club, Crusher Sound System, The Insects)


Brought to you by:


The BIGGEST Labor Day party in AZ is going down on Sunday, September 5th @ Forbidden in Scottsdale.

We’ve got 2 rooms filled with the best DJs in the valley for you to celebrate your rawkus 3 day weekend.

Weather you want to grind up on some random cutie to dance music in the “BUMP” room or bang your headto the pounding dubstep in the “GRIME” room, we got you covered.

RSVP to the Facebook event listing to get on the list and NO COVER list…
$3 Drafts all night
$4 AMF’s & Long Islands
$5 Pinnacle Vodka

BUMP Room:
Gloryhole (Epidemic & Bigie)
[] []
Beat Mass (Gin & Tronic)
Daze Of Thunder (Kevin MOB & Ron DMC)
Push & Pull (Ransom)

Check The Anthem (Pickster One & Issa)
Benni Beatnik (Electrostatic)
Riot Earp (Downtime)
Kris The Fist (Burning Bridges)

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