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This past June.  I was fortunate to open up for my friends…  Sage Francis, B-Dolan, and Free Moral Agents (Ikey Owens of The Mars Volta’s Band)  at the LI(F)E On The Road tour 2010 in Tempe, AZ.  Shouts out to Big Texas Jess for co-sighning on the Mix too. I arranged a set I was very happy with and set out to try to get a good recording of the mix in hopes of Schmoozing Sir Sage Francis into making it an official download on his website Well today my friends, I was successful!  Sage Francis posted my Live Mix for free download on the front page of his website. So I ask you to please go there and leave a comment and let them know AZ appreciates the Love.
CLICK HERE TO GO TO – and download the Mix


Or get it here – DOWNLOAD LINK – (Mediafire)

.DJ Pickster One – Live on Sage Francis LI(F)E On The Road Tour – June 2010 by Strange Famous Records

Here is the tracklist of the mix:

1. Pickster One SFR Megamix Intro – (Cecil Otter – Duel)
2. Sage Francis – Midgets and Giants (Intro)
3. The Who – My Generation
4. Sleep – Comercial
5. Sage Francis – Gunz yo (Outro)
6. High Rankin – No Money For Guns
7. HavocNdeeD – Dopeman
8. NWA – Spoken Word
9. HavocNdeeD – Dopeman
10. Bassnectar – Basshead (Pickster One – Sage Francis Drop’s Bass Edit)
11. Public Enemy – Terminator x To The Edge Of Panic
12. Boreta – Lobegrinder (Pickster One – Damage Edit)
13. Free Moral Agents – Dragon Prow
14. Free Moral Agents – Talk Show (Pickster One – Caribou Edit)
15. LCD Soundsystem – Losing My Edge
16. Look Daggers – New Wave Spazout
17. Dan Le Sac vs. Scroobius Pip – Stake A Claim
18. Inner Circle – Bad Boys  (Theme From COPS)
19. Waylon Jennings – Dukes of Hazard (Illegal Good Old Boys)
20. Toki Wright – By The Time I Get To Arizona 2010 Reduex
21. Public Enemy – By The Time I Get To Arizona (DJ Spooky Remix)
22. Cecil Otter – Black Rose
23. B-Dolan – Survived Another Winter (Prolyphic Verse)
24. The Mars Volta – Son Et Lumiere (Crusher Sound System Edit)
25. 2mex – Once Again
26. Black Sabbath – War Pigs (Drums Of Death Remix)
27. Sage Francis – Mullet
28. Ice Cream Truck – Pickster One
29. Curtis Plum – Call My Cellphone
30. Bill Haley & His Comets – Happy Days Theme Song
31. Bow Wow Wow – I Want Candy
32. Incredible Bongo Band – Let There Be Drums
33. Buck 65 – Dang
34. The Fat Boys – The Human Beat Box
35. Talking Heads – Burning Down The House
36. Talking Heads – Naive Melody (2mex Remix)
37. Sage Frenchkiss – Ode To My Bitches
38. Dion and The Belmonts – Run Around Sue
39. The Kinks – All Day And All Of The Night (Pickster One Drum Edit)
40. Sage Francis – Sea Lion (Pickster One Youngsta & Seven Edit)

Here are the words from

SFR homie Pickster One stopped by the Tempe, AZ date on Sage Francis’ LI(F)E On The Road Tour and blessed the crowd with a a live set on 2 turntables,
featuring old Sage samples, skits, spoken word, and tracks from both the SFR roster and Sage’s live backing band, Free Moral Agents, all mixed together
with a little of that Strange Famous humor we all know and love. Now you can check out the set in this free mp3! To hear more from Pickster,
please visit for over 20 hours of FREE downloadable music and mixes.



OK OK….    This is actually what I had todo toget the Mix on – HA HA HA


My boy Francis Lazaro at PheosiA Films put together this little video of me. From the Blunt Club 8year Ann – Crusher Sound System performance.
Soundtrack: 2mex – Once Again


Bonus: Blunt Club – Promo Video


Bonus Bonus: 2mex – Once Again Live w/ Underground Hip-Hop Pep Talk

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