At a most crucial period in moombahton’s global expansion, Phoenix, Arizona’s Pickster One curates The Rise of Moombahton, a compilation spotlighting the top sounds in the growing vastness of progressive mid-tempo global bass. The seasonal moombahton compilations started in July 2010 as Munchi gathered 24 of the finest tracks in the genre from 22 separate producers in order to prove, as the now instant legend producer stated, “(that) moombahton is here to stay!”

Fast forward 14 months, and the importance of the seasonal compilations has increased. Dance pop superstar Skrillex has the inventor, Dave Nada and his collaborator Matt Nordstrom on tour as openers for his Mothership Tour, with a separate fall and winter tour planned for Nadastrom’s own Scion A/V and forthcoming Mad Decent releases. Names that dominated the July 2010 release like Heartbreak, Munchi, DJ Sabo, Pickster One and DJ Melo are starting to tour, in some cases internationally, now maintaining a busy schedule between touring and now constantly churning out new material. Moombahton has grown from an accident into potentially the next major windfall for not just American, but international dance.

Global powerhouse dance journal Mixmag has taken notice of the American upstart with immense global potential, and now presents The Rise of Moombahton (Fall 2011 compilation). For neophyte fans of the genre only aware of Mad Decent’s Blow Your Head: Volume 2 compilation, this is the perfect next level. “Introducing” producers who have been down from  day one, the sounds here include all of moombahton’s many variations, brilliantly produced by top tier professionals.

It’s not a crazy idea to presume that within the next six or nine months that more established mainstream dance producers will adopt the sound and attempt to mimic it’s inherent revolutionary sensibilities. By moombahton’s next winter, the heat could be so hot in the genre that it feels like a completely different season and radically different time.

Pickster presents The Rise Of Moombahton Compilation by El Cuco Recordings

1. DJ Melo & Steve Starks – Un Gran Circo
2. Sluggo & Pickster – Vida Loco
3. Apt One – Yin Yang
4. Jon Kwest – The One
5. Shelco Garcia & TeenWolf – Disco Rides
6. UFO! – Reptillian Sex Parade
7. Alliance – Mi Gente (Mendez Remix)
8. SoundFreq – New Sound Feat. Saith
9. Bro Safari – K-Hole
10. Jack Beats – Shutterbug (LeDoom Remix)
11. ETC!ETC! – Rakata! Feat. Lorna
12. Skinny Friedman – Not Miami
13. Dface – Bearcrawl
14. Kid Cedek – Esperanza
15. Drake – Marvins Room (Obeyah Remix)
16. Chong X – You
17. Jay Fay – Jungle
18. Jamrock & Jake Twell – Neck Tie
19. Javier Estrada – For A Few Dollars More

Artwork credit: Josh Rhodes (Phoenix, AZ)
Download the compilation –


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